Strategic Consulting

We optimize your Customer Service for an excellent Customer Experience Consulting.


Consulting C3 is a specialist in strategic consulting, accompanying our clients to the implementation of solutions that provide value for them and their customers. We analyze and evaluate the processes of Customer Service on and off line to optimize them, simplify them, improve conversion, loyalty and retention, covering the customer corridor in all its points and moments of truth. We seek to reduce the cost and improve the Customer Experience with recommendations (technical, organisational and human) and the creation of a joint plan to achieve the optimisation objectives.

Personalizado Best Customer Experience
Informe Greater effectiveness
Presenciales Cost reduction

Acts on satisfaction

Key factors
Perform audits to measure the quality of your service. Act in all the processes of your company: Complete, Process and Technological Audit.We analyze different factors: Technical, organizational, economic and human.
Evaluated activities
We will evaluate activities such as: Customer service (back office, front office), Telephone banking, Insurance customer service, Help desk - Technical support.In addition to claim services, telesales, commercial departments or order taking.
Reports and plans
The service involves having an overview of your company's situation.You will receive a comprehensive report, an improvement plan and its implementation planning and a follow-up plan to accompany you in the process.
You will optimize processes and facilitate decision making. You will be able to increase the profitability of your company.
You will also improve customer loyalty, a better customer experience and greater customer satisfaction.
Why consult?
It optimizes resources and helps to reduce costs.

Facilitates decision making

It achieves the improvement in management by facilitating the correction of inefficiencies allowing a better global vision of customer service.

Increases customer loyalty and retention because it increases customer satisfaction.

Know more
The satisfaction of your customers is our goal
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