Do you know the quality you offer? And the one your customers perceive?

Improve your business by knowing the perceived quality and the one you offer to your customers.
Measure quality 360º and increase customer loyalty by increasing their satisfaction.

360º Quality Audit

We will create a specific plan for your business with our 360º Quality Audit model. Quality control of your service and transversal analysis of the results both from the perspective of the Quality issued, as well as that perceived by the client for overall improvement of your business and the client's experience. It is essential to measure quality because only with it you will achieve customer loyalty.

Informe Greater effectiveness
Presenciales Increased sales
Multicanal Brand Reputation

Acts on satisfaction

We evaluate all channels where you want to measure quality:
  • Monitoring: With our own infrastructure and resources (consultants, evaluation platforms, expert auditors, technology: eAlicia), and with our own quality measurement system.

  • Satisfaction Surveys: Telephone, eMail, IVR

  • Mystery Shopper / Caller.
We evaluate the quality issued with quality controls, the perceived quality with surveys or mystery shopper/Caller.
  • Transversal analysis of the results.

  • Diagnosis and proposal of an action and improvement plan.

  • Implementation of improvement plan and monitoring of the implemented improvements.
Reports and plans
You'll get real-time reports with eAlicia, our online management platform that evaluates and controls the overall quality of your business:
  • Facilitates decision making.

  • Improvement plan

  • Implementation planning.
We generate experiences that achieve a higher recommendation rate:
  • Return on investment: Improve experience, recommendation and loyalty

  • Cost reduction and revenue generation

  • Real time: allows us to identify and anticipate
Why conduct a quality audit
It facilitates your company's decision making because it increases control over the quality issued and perceived.

It achieves the improvement of management by facilitating the correction of inefficiencies allowing a better global vision of the company.

Increases productivity by helping to reduce costs.

Increase customer loyalty and retention because it increases customer satisfaction.

Know more
Other ways to measure satisfaction
The satisfaction of your customers is our goal
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