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We must detect when a customer is upset with our product or service. Having information about our consumers helps us to have a greater productivity, a better management and to have more control over our commercial activity. In order to know all this, we carry out satisfaction and service quality surveys. In addition, we carry out Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) reports.

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Acts on satisfaction

We carry out customer satisfaction surveys through all channels. We have equipment for carrying out on-site actions at service points. We also have the necessary structure to carry out surveys by telephone or social networks. If you wish, we also have the capacity to do so via email or chat.
Types of Surveys
To know the satisfaction of your customers we perform different types of services: Satisfaction or Service Quality Surveys. We also obtain the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score) indexes with which you will know where you should act to obtain better satisfaction...
Your company will receive a comprehensive report with all the data extracted. Not only will you have an overall analysis of how your product/service is viewed. You will also be able to access more detailed data such as what kind of audience consumes my product/service or if everyone thinks the same.
With all this data you will be able to optimize your actions. You will achieve greater productivity (Reduce costs, improve quality and loyalty), improve management (Decision making, in time reports, global vision). Thanks to this, you will have greater control over how your products or services are performing.
Why measure satisfaction?
To improve management by facilitating the correction of inefficiencies allowing a better global vision of the company.

To increase the control over the quality issued and perceived, helping in the decision making process.

Improve productivity by helping to reduce costs and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Success stories
Monthly Quality Control through recordings. 3 differentiated channels with its variables related to the business: Front (claims), Sale, Post-Sale. Process: carry out surveys to clients who have contacted the service between 1/2 hour-1 hour. Automatic mailing to the customer's quality manager as soon as a negative score from the survey is detected.
Continuous Experience Plan Experience Offered. Satisfaction studies. Customer Experience Workshops Innovation. Methodology: Monthly Quality Control. Experience perceived through surveys. . Real time alerts about fatal errors. Cross-cutting analysis of emitted quality results – Quality perceived. . Automatic email notification as soon as a negative punctuation of the survey is identified.
Our goal is to increase the Clients’ experience reaching an improvement in the customer service excellence, with the help of C3 Consulting. For this reason, it was decided to carry out a fortnight study about the Perceived Experiences by their clients. More than 10.000 annual surveys were conducted with the aim of measuring and assessing the Company needs.
Needs: Continuous Experience Plan Experience Offered. Satisfaction studies. Customer Experience Workshops Innovation. Methodology: Monthly Quality Control. Experience perceived through surveys. Agents’ Recruitment plan through the eLearning Channel of eAlicia. The surveys were made to particular Clients.
The E-commerce companies with which we work have carried out actions to know the degree of satisfaction of their customers. From the clients who come to their centers, as well as the clients who use their services. We conducted more than 8,000 surveys to individuals who knew about the services or products. Through short and effective surveys we were able to improve satisfaction rates.
Other ways to measure satisfaction
The satisfaction of your customers is our goal
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